I’m offering reduced tarot readings this upcoming GEMINI SEASON to gain some practice & make it as affordable as possible for folks <3 2€/card! 

Single card reading (2€): The single card spread used only the major arcana to provide a concise look and focus into a specific situation.

3-card reading (6€): This simple 3-card spread is a great choice for folx who are getting their cards read for the first time. It may offer clear insight on past/present/future, love and relationships, decision making and choices and self-discovery.   

5-card reading (10€): This popular 5-card spread delves a bit deeper than the 3-card spread. Along with offering insight on past/present/future, it reveals more insight on the reasons behind the blockages/challenges you are facing, and your potential/outcome. If there is something very specific you want to ask about, please let me know beforehand so I can prepare for a customized spread that works best. 

Note: I’m offering Skype readings around the world and in-person readings in the following cities:

May 15-19 and 24-27: Madrid

May 20-23: Belfast

May 29 - 20: Amsterdam 

May 31 - June 5: London 

Email itstheartbruja@gmail.com for inquiries! (Payment with cash, Paypal and e-transfer)