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Carrie McIntyre: Exploring abstraction, freedom and creative release

Entering the studio of Toronto-based artist Carrie McIntyre feels like stepping into an antiquated Victorian living room that looks like it’s pretty much survived the colourful wrath of a vibrant paint tornado. Canvases cover every available inch of wall from floor to ceiling, making it difficult near impossible for me to focus on Carrie herself, sitting across from me and chatting away about her work, which speaks strongly to abstraction as a means of personal expression. We chatted for quite some time about emotions, sensitivity and painting as an essential form of creative release. Read below!

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Izaak Sacrebleu: Painting history and the beauty of awkwardness

Not long ago, I found myself sitting on a rug across from painter Izaak Sacrebleu in his garage studio in the heart of Kensington Market – drinking black coffee, smoking a cigarette and reconsidering the relevance of photorealism and contemporary art galleries. Izaak, recently graduated from OCAD University with a BFA in Drawing & Painting, has exhibited in various spaces around the city and boasts an eclectic body of work with a recurring exploration of composition and re-composition through painting, collage and frame building. Since the time of our interview he has begun a new series entitled beige is the new gucci and has continued to experiment with found objects and tougher textures. Below, we chat about his work and his thoughts on the contemporary art scene, appropriation and historical paintings.


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