A conversation with artist Stikki Peaches

"The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting".

As can be said about my delay in putting up this interview, being in the midst of working for a very hectic Mural Festival in Montréal and in the middle of a move from Buenos Aires to Toronto. As can be said, as well, about  globetrotter Stikki Peaches' work. Anonymous artist based in Montréal, no street is left un-roamed, no vacant door spared. Stikki strikes anywhere, at any time and you better be ready.

What's your first memory related to art? 

Being yelled at for drawing with my left hand. Age 4. #Southpaw

When did you realize that this is what you're good at? 

Pretty young. I just didn't know what that ''it'' was, until a few years back.

What are your major inspirations? 

Life, every thing about it.

What's the best mistake you've ever made? 

Doubting myself

What's the worst advice that was ever given to you? 

To ''eat the shrimp, it still looks good'' ...prick, I still think about the ''shrimp incident'' twelve years later...

Your art showcases many messages. Is there any one in particular that you believe crucial in transmitting to society? 

Not really any in particular. Just keeping it positive, spreading some love, laughs, maybe even tears... If any of these messages connect with someone or a body of people, then great, but I usually put out stuff that's touched me on a personal level, good, bad, whatever the case. My work is an extension of me in so many ways. You just have to look a little harder and deeper at the pieces to really appreciate their true meaning. Each one is different, and the messages keep changing, but there's one question that always remains the same: What if Art Ruled the World?

You're going to be participating in MURAL Festival, any other upcoming projects you're excited about? 

There are a few projects I'm currently working on, but I'm really excited about a few collaborations later this summer. You'll hear about. ;)

What's your opinion on the urban scene and street art in Montreal? 

I think there's a good mix of both. Montreal has some great architecture and art history, and adding some raw art to the streets can only add to its already beautiful landscape. It's definitely added a lift to some less attractive areas in the city as well, that's for sure. It's also a lot more active than it used to be. Montreal's doing good things!

What makes your day? 

Waking up with a creative boner.

If you could have a drink with anyone, living or dead, famous or not, who would it be? 

My dad, always my dad. ( But Tim Burton is a close second. I'd pay big shells to float in his mind for a day or two... )

Why do you consider your anonymity important? 

I'm a very social person, I play in two very different worlds. Why put myself in a situation for questions or critiquing I don't want to hear? I do this for myself, my therapy and my love affair with the arts.

What do you want to be remembered for? 

Maybe having inspired a few people, but I'm truly happy when I hear or see that I've made someone laugh or smile. Best drug ever, after sex.

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