I’m offering reduced tarot readings this upcoming GEMINI SEASON to gain some practice & make it as affordable as possible for folks <3 2€/card! 

Single card reading (2€): The single card spread used only the major arcana to provide a concise look and focus into a specific situation.

3-card reading (6€): This simple 3-card spread is a great choice for folx who are getting their cards read for the first time. It may offer clear insight on past/present/future, love and relationships, decision making and choices and self-discovery.   

5-card reading (10€): This popular 5-card spread delves a bit deeper than the 3-card spread. Along with offering insight on past/present/future, it reveals more insight on the reasons behind the blockages/challenges you are facing, and your potential/outcome. If there is something very specific you want to ask about, please let me know beforehand so I can prepare for a customized spread that works best. 

Note: I’m offering Skype readings around the world and in-person readings in the following cities:

May 15-19 and 24-27: Madrid

May 20-23: Belfast

May 29 - 20: Amsterdam 

May 31 - June 5: London 

Email for inquiries! (Payment with cash, Paypal and e-transfer)



Join me for a full moon circle this Sunday, May 19th, April 18th at 9 PM in Parque del Retiro!

This month’s full moon falls in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, encouraging us to explore our inner depths and reconsider what sacrifices and offerings we need to be making in order to realign with our most authentic selves.

What is holding us back? What pains are we in denial of? What are we dragging along that need to be released in order to evolve?

The energies that Scorpio offers us are those of: magnetism, passion, death/rebirth and spiritual transformation.

The overall theme of the ritual will be to:

  • seek and manifest the strength to shed the layers that are no longer serving your highest self

  • reveal + release the fears and obsessions that are weighing you down and keeping you from pursuing authenticity

  • recommit to your light AND darkness 

Meeting Point: Fountain of the Fallen Angel, Parque del Retiro @ 9 PM 

Cost: PWYC (Suggested donation 2€)

RSVP + more info please fill out this form:



Lxs invito a un ritual de luna llena este domingo 19 de mayo a las 21h  en el Parque del Retiro!

La luna llena de este mes cae en el signo zodiacal de Escorpio, alentándonos a explorar nuestras profundidades internas y a reconsiderar qué debemos ofrecer y sacrificar para realinearnos con nuestro ser mas autenticx. 

¿Qué nos está frenando? ¿Qué dolores estamos negando? ¿Qué estamos arrastrando que necesitamos dejar ir para evolucionar?

Las energías que nos ofrece Escorpio son las de: magnetismo, pasión, muerte/renacimiento y transformación espiritual.

Los temas generales que trabajaremos serán: 

- buscar y manifestar la fuerza necesaria para deshacernos de las capas que ya no sirven nuestro ser superior

- revelar y liberar los miedos y las obsesiones que nos agobian y nos impiden vivir con autenticidad

- volver a comprometernos tanto con nuestra luz, como con nuestra oscuridad

Punto de encuentro: Fuente del Ángel Caído, Parque del Retiro a las 20h

Precio: A base de donacion (sugerido 2€)

Para inscribirse + recibir más información, porfa llenen el formulario: